Kraymer Barnstable (Owner of Stable in the Net) with James Reimer, goalie for the Florida Panthers

Kraymer's attention to his craft is a great example on the road to Championship goaltending!
- Andy Nowicki (former LA Kings & Red Deer Rebels Goalie Coach)
Jayden & Kraymer were awesome with the boys. As a parent I felt like they provided instruction at key moments of drills.
- Nathan Wade (Goalie Parent)
My son's game saw drastic improvements after working with Stable in the Net.  The private lessons combined with the Prep camp had Colby zoned right in heading into tryouts. His game on the ice and his mental prep off the ice are a direct result of training with SITN.
- Dwayne Knight (Goalie Parent)
All the early morning goalie coaching sessions with a phenomenal goalie coach (Kraymer Barnstable), took Logan's level of play to an entirely new level.
- Al Breen (Goalie Parent)