• One on one personalized ON ICE instruction

  • One on one personalized OFF ICE instruction (Summer months only)

  • Goalie coach for varying teams & age groups

  • Seasonal Camps available​

  • Mental Preparation​​​

  • Evaluations (Teams or Associations)

On Ice Instruction
On Ice instruction will be available year round.  A one on one schedule will be released monthly and will be a first come first serve basis.  SITN offers ice at different rinks around Red Deer and also Sylvan Lake.  Prices will vary depending on ice costs. Two goalies per one sessions will lower the price for each athlete.
The first on ice availability is scheduled to be released in August.
**Free t-shirts will be given to each goalie after 5 on ice sessions and free hats after 10 on ice sessions.
Off Ice Instruction


During the summer months off ice instruction will be available to all Stable in the Net clients and goalies of all ages.

The off ice instruction will be held outdoors at a park that works for the client and instructor.  To be clear, off-ice instruction does include a gym membership or access to weights.  It is strictly goalie specific dryland that will go above and beyond anything that can be done in the gym.  This is for elite level goalies looking for the extra advantage that will help them reach the next level and push them towards their goals.

The options available for one goalie are as follows:

1 Session: $30

5 Sessions: $140

20 Sessions: $500

Summer Package (May 15 - Aug 31): $750

The options available for two goalies together are as follows:

1 Session: $50

5 Sessions: $220

20 Sessions: $940

Summer Package (May 15- Aug 31): $1400

​Seasonal Camps


Week long or weekend camps will be avialble throughout the year.  This is a great option to take advantage of both on ice and off ice instruction as well as help preparing all the goalies mentally. The ratio of goalies to instructors will never be above 4:1.

The first annual SITN camp will be held Aug. 8-12, 2016.  Spots are still abailable for this camp, please contact to sign up.

​Team Goalie Coach


Stable in the Net will also be available for hire by team.  Teams of all ages and levels can hire both Kraymer or Mark to work with both goalies of a particular team.

Obviously it us up to the coach of the team to decide which practices are feasible to bring in a goalie instructor.  This is a less expensive options, but one on one instruction will work around the teams practice and is entirely up to the coach's practice plan.

Goalie Coach Rates:

1 hour (base rate) = $80

1 Hour 15 mins = $100

1 Hour 30 mins = $120

2 hours = $160

Mental Preparation


Through many years of high level hockey in all types of situations, Kraymer has learned what it takes mentally to overcome almost any situation. Being a golaie is one of the most difficult positions in all of sports.  The demand mentally can make or break any goalie.

Kraymer has been a starter, a back-up goalie and even third string at both the junior and college level.  The number of different teams that he played on and the number of situations he has been through has allowed him to learn what it takes in most any situation, and he wants to pass on that knowledge to younger goalies that may be going through similar situations.

Mental prep will be included in both on-ice and off-ice sessions as well as all the seasonal camps.  This is the most crucial aspect for any goalie and it is often overlooked by other goalie instruction companies.



At Stable in the Net we hope to see the strongest goalies be selected for their respective teams that they are trying out for.  This should never depend on situations such as who they train with, where they are from, where they played the previous season etc.  Unfortunately the evaluation process can be very flawed or biased for many teams and associations across Alberta.

As a member of the Hockey Alberta staff, Kraymer and his team take great pride on doing their absolute best to chose the strongest goalie available for any team or position.  Let us help eliminate bias and the stresses that come along with the evaluation process.